Our Specialist Theatre Team

Professional surgical care

At North Shore Specialist Day Hospital, an experienced theatre team including anaesthetists, scrub/scout nurse, anaesthetist nurse and recovery room staff will all be involved in your procedure.

This core team has been working hand in hand together for many years, providing a cohesive and collaborative approach to patient care, evident in the warm, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere they are able to provide to our patients.  They specialise in carrying out procedures such as laparoscopic procedures plastic and cosmetic surgery, infertility, gynaecology and urology.

Simon Montgomerie, our Clinical Services Manager, can answer any questions about the theatre process and your surgery.

Our Anaesthetists:

  • Denis Barnett
  • Christopher Borton
  • Campbell Brown
  • Jamie Calder
  • Patrick Chung
  • Edwin Choong
  • Vincent DaSilva
  • Fergus Davidson
  • Carl D’Souza
  • Michael Farr
  • Noela Ferch
  • Cesar Fernandez-Cornejo
  • Paul Fien
  • Salwan Fransi
  • Francis Georgiakakis
  • Callum Gilchrist
  • David Goodie
  • Peter Good
  • Andrew Hooton
  • Cameron Hunt
  • Marcus Ierino
  • Dev Jayram
  • Michael King
  • Peter Isert
  • Chao Ko
  • Jason Koh
  • Kevin Lee
  • John Lee
  • Siv Eing Kim
  • Hugh Longworth
  • Lindsay McBride
  • Michael-Angelo Mersiades
  • Charles Minto
  • Michelle Mulligan
  • Sivaneswaran Navaratham
  • Murray Selig
  • Richard Steele
  • Zufar Tameev
  • Teik Tay
  • Adrian Walker
  • Kerryn Wilson
  • Stewart Wallace
  • Sue Ann Wan