About North Shore Specialist Day Hospital

Designed for your comfort and care

North Shore Specialist Day Hospital has become a centre of day hospital excellence, attracting some of Sydney's most outstanding surgeons to work alongside our highly experienced theatre team for the benefit of our patients. The hospital specialities include general surgery, plastic and cosmetic procedures and urology, in addition to IVF services.  Architecturally designed to provide a comfortable and discreet private hospital environment for patients and carers, North Shore Specialist Day Hospital was completed in early 2007, and now cares for about 5,000 patients every year.

We are owned by Virtus Health, who manage six high quality specialist day hospitals across Australia. They are designed to provide the best possible environment for our patients, and are utilised by operating specialists such as plastic surgeons, urologists, gynaecologists, opthamologists, dental surgeons and hand surgeons, as well as those providing IVF services. These specialists are attracted to the expertise and efficiency of our staff, and the advanced services these specialist day hospitals are able to provide.

Our two surgical theatres are equipped with the latest surgical equipment and diagnostic technology.
Our doctors and skilled surgeons include Sydney’s leading specialists in the fields of: • Plastic & cosmetic surgery • IVF and gynaecology • Urology
Our experienced theatre team includes specialist anaesthetists, operating theatre and recovery room nurses.