Procedures, Surgery and Treatments

At North Shore Specialist Day Hospital, our facilities are purpose-built to provide the best of care for our key speciality areas, listed below:

A range of cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures are performed including breast augmentation, eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty. We also provide VASER® Liposculpture, the latest and most accurate type of liposuction which uses ultrasonic waves to breakdown fat.
Your fertility specialist or gynaecologist may recommend surgery to address reproductive issues or to investigate the causes of infertility.

Our urology specialists focus on male (and female) urinary tract surgery and male reproductive systems.

With endoscopy, your specialist can check the inside of your body without surgery. A tube-like endoscope, with a lens on one end and video camera on the other, can be used to examine the oesophagus, stomach and bowel.
Colorectal Surgery performed for endometriosis, pelvic floor disorders, sacral nerve stimulation, colorectal cancer, anal conditions, inflammatory bowel disease and parastomal and abdominal hernias.
We have specialist paediatric surgeons, dentists and anaesthetists that have extensive expertise in caring for infants and children.