Private Day Hospital Facilities

Purpose-built for patient care

At North Shore Specialist Day Hospital, we specialise in day only procedures. We designed the hospital and all our services to be as straightforward and comfortable as possible, with a commitment to surgical excellence and patient support.

A number of Sydney’s most skilled cosmetic surgeons, urologists, colorectal surgeons and endoscopists use our well-equipped surgery facilities for day procedures. They also provide IVFAustralia’s fertility services on the north shore.  Your surgeon, theatre team and helpful nurses work as a team to provide the very best of care.

State of the Art Endoscopy Unit

We have an endoscopy unit, with state of the art high definition Olympus scopes and monitors, with a range of interventional procedures available including the removal of difficult polyps by snare or by endoscopic muscosal resection (EMR) technique.

Advanced operating facilities

We have two operating theatres, both equipped with the latest technology, theatre equipment and instrumentation. The first stage recovery area is equipped with five beds and monitoring equipment, and the second stage recovery area has six privately screened bays with comfortable recliner chairs.

Fully accredited to the highest standards

North Shore Specialist Day Hospital is a licensed NSW health facility. It is accredited by Global-Mark to ISO9001 quality management standard, ensuring the highest level of patient safety, comfort and patient support.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we survey all patients and welcome feedback.  Our Clinical Services Manager, can assist with any questions about the admission process. 

North Shore Specialist Day Hospital publishes it’s Quality Policy, recognising the need to deliver services to patients, referring doctors and all other customers at a consistently high level of quality that reliably meets and exceeds their expectations.